Marble is an ancient stone that has been used for centuries. It is widely used in architecture, sculpture, and monuments and can be found on some of the world’s most beautiful structures, such as the Taj Mahal, the Duomo of Florence, and the Washington Monument.
Marble décor Item has been a popular feature of interior design since the 1970s, whether on flooring, kitchen countertops, or bathrooms, and its popularity is only growing. We look at various ways to incorporate the must-have material into your home, from luxurious marble flooring to marble-effect home décor.
AR Inlay Works offer one-of-a-kind precious and classy Home Décor Items such as Soapstone Elephant, Soapstone Camel, Soapstone Duck, Marble Elephant, Curved tealight holder with oil burner, Marble flower vase, Marble flower pot, Marble Frames, Marble Lighting, Marble table top, Marble chessboard, Semi-precious stone carpets, and Semi-precious stone carpets.
Home Décor Item known for their elegance and beauty, have been designed creatively and are offered in various colours, patterns, designs and shapes. We are known for working as per clients’ specifications, and this marble is designed with inlay work to offer different kinds of items to our clients.

  • Marble Decorative Items have a high-gloss polished finish that adds light and opulence to your interior; therefore, you should experiment with them.
  • There are numerous marble options available depending on the design or art of the piece you seek. We are a leading wholesaler, trader, and retailer of designer marble home décor items, so you have plenty of options.
  • Durability: Marble products are naturally durable and are known for their long service life, which saves time and money.