AR Inlay Works created the white Inlay Marble Tray as a work of art. The specifics of how nicely the design is crafted with natural semiprecious stones may be seen in the photos. It’s a lovely piece that produces a great colour contrast when used to serve food or drinks on a coffee table or dinner table, or as a lovely decorative piece that may be displayed anyplace in your home (Display Stand Included). It can be used as a serving platter or a serving tray, and it can be placed on your dining table, coffee table, side table, and other surfaces. The white marble has the remarkable property of being translucent to light. Under the lights, you can arrange the lights anyway you want. Please let us know if you require something customised. We’ll make it to your specifications in terms of design, size, and shape. AR Inlay Works manufactures and distributes a comprehensive selection of Inlay Marble Tray all over the world.