AR Inlay Works, situated in Taj Mahal, creates and sells a wide selection of hand-crafted Marble Replica of Taj, including Miniature Models and Marble Taj Mahal Replicas in a variety of sizes, including 2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,12,14,18,24,36, 42, and 48″ inches. These Taj Mahal models are crafted from the finest marble and feature intricate carving and painting. Marble Taj Mahal replicas are in high demand throughout the world. For the benefit of our clients, we also meet specialized requirements.

We are able to provide Stone Marble Replica of Taj in order to meet and respond to the various requirements of honorable clientele. The stone Taj Mahal replicas that we sell are produced from high-quality raw materials such as marble, alabaster, and other materials that are purchased from reputable vendors in the market. Furthermore, the supplied collection of stone Taj Mahal replicas is thoroughly inspected on a variety of parameters to ensure that flawless products are given to customers.