India is well-known for the high grade marble it produces. As we all know, marble is utilised in a variety of items. It’s also utilised to make marble chessboards that exude nobility and sophistication. Due to the extensive amount of work involved, this Marble Table Chess Board/set is an artwork of diligence and absolute sincerity.
Many customers have already fallen in love with one such company! AR Inlay Works is a well-known firm that produces, sells, and exports a variety of marble products, including beautiful marble chessboards. It is based in the city of Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Customers can select from a list of artists who have created these Marble Table Chess Board according to their preferences.
They can select the colour of the stone from a variety of options such as jasper, black onyx, mother of pearl, carnelian, and many others. In addition to this option, they can choose the number of stones and the size of the marble chess set. Customers can also select any shape they want. This type of intricate and detailed work is done by craftsmen with exceptional knowledge and skill. They are extremely patient and committed to producing such a magnificent product that exudes royalty.
The semi-precious gemstones are inlaid in the manner in which they were used in ancient times. Some marble chess sets are floral, while others are abstract. These magnificent marble chess sets have also been discovered to be environmentally friendly. They also include a wooden base stand, which adds to the beauty of the set. These marble chess boards are very simple to keep clean and maintain. A simple duster and warm water will suffice!